Getting to know Deniz Tak Diba

Deniz Tak Diba Company was established in 2009 and started working in the field of supplying paints and chemicals. At the beginning, the company's strategy was to supply quality raw materials from European companies and textile dyes from China, and according to the company's strategy, target customers We have been a manufacturer of well-known domestic brands. The company with years of experience and continuous research in the field of supply of raw materials for textile factories and commitment to service in order to provide quality to

customers ready to provide services in the field of supply of dyes, textile auxiliaries, textile machinery, mineral pumice, fabric, Yarns, all kinds of plotter paper and other textile necessities. Deniz Tak Diba is a leading dyestuff; chemical and solution provider with the aim of changing traditional processing of textile materials by supplying different polymers, innovative textile specialty chemicals, analytical testing tools and application processes, offering customers a broad portfolio of colorants and services. This company also caters to multiple sectors including the paints, coatings, textile machinery, textile accessories, pumice stone and fabric.

  • Stone washing of jeans
  • Textile colors
  • Textile auxiliary materials
  • Textile machinery
  • Laser machines
  • Textile essentials
  • Plotter paper
  • Stone washing supplies